Pyx: a container or chest; Pixel: The basic unit of the composition of an image on a television screen, computer monitor, or similar display; Pixelated: pertaining to a printed image which has been digitized; visible as a pattern of pixels; Pyxellate: a simple container for thoughts, observations, images and ideas.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Illawarra

I live on the Illawarra coastline, south of Sydney, NSW. The Illawarra is flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Great Dividing Range to the west. You can gain a feel for the area by consulting the Google Map below.

Photographs taken around the region can be explored in the Illawarra Galleries.


Sootie on the attack!

Like many other cats Sootie loves the adventure and sheer excitement of a brown paper bag. He has been playing with such a bag during the last few days and I thought why not make a hole in the bottom of the bag and obtain a different perspective of Sootie as he plays with the bag. The first video is simply Sootie chewing the handles. The second and third video reveal a carnivore in full flight.